Are your castles safe?

All our castles are registered with Pipa, which is an inspection scheme set up by the inflatable play industry to ensure that inflatable equipment conforms to recognised safety standards. All our castles undergo a rigorous Pipa test every year, much like a car Mot. Any castle registered with Pipa will have a clear identification number fixed to it which you can check on Pipa’s website for authenticity.

How long can I hire a castle for?

You can hire the inflatable for any length of time between 9am & 8pm. For an additional charge of £30, you can book it for the night and we'll collect it the following morning.

Inside or out?

All of our inflatables are suitable for outside & inside if space permits. Dimensions of the castles are listed next to the photos. (The Scooby, the Slide and the Princess fit in most halls, the others are larger!)

How much room do I need?

You will need space for the inflatable, plus 1 metre along each side, and 2 metres at the front and the rear. This allows for access, mats, the blower and safety, and applies to inside and outside. If inside, check the height too!

What about access?

Doorways & gates need to be at least 2 foot 6" wide. A few steps are usually manageable, but a flight of steps will not be. Please ask before booking if in doubt, as we will unfortunately have to charge for delivery if we arrive and find access is not possible.

How far will you deliver?

We will deliver anywhere. However, as Mid Wales and much of South Wales is so rural, we apply a mileage charge to all hires to cover transport costs. Just tell us where you require the inflatable, and we will be able to give you an accurate quote.

What if it rains, or if I have to cancel?

We do not put castles up in the rain. Some of our inflatables have shower covers, but you'll still get wet! We won't be able to issue a refund if it rains after we have set up, but there will be no charge if you cancel before we set out to you. Please give us as much notice as you can though if you do have to cancel. Thank you. We have a website button that takes you to the BBC weather page - just put in your location.

Do you need a deposit?

We do not usually require a deposit for daytime castle hire, but will require a £50 refundable deposit for the adult castle if kept overnight.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made by PayPal , bank transfer or by card (over the phone) anytime before the event. We can also accept cheques (cleared before the event). Cash on delivery is also fine, or we can take a card payment on delivery only if there is a decent phone signal.

Are you insured?

We have public liability insurance that covers the setting up of our equipment. This does not cover for accidents while using our equipment. Should you want extra peace of mind, you can take out a daily insurance for your party, event or wedding for a very reasonable cost from your own insurance company or from Leisure Insure. (Just click on the Leisureinsure logo on the home page to obtain an insurance quote.) We also have method statements & risk assessments available on request. Please also see our terms and conditions .

Is there anything you need when you deliver?

The payment if it is still due, and a plug socket within 50metres of where you would like the castle. Please ensure the site is clear of animal mess , and clear of any other debris, sharp objects and toys.

Do I need electricity at my venue?
If you would like to put the castle in the middle of a field or somewhere unusual that has no electricity, then we can provide a generator and fuel at extra cost.